Ontogeny for absorption of amino acids, dipeptides, and tripeptides

SpeciesTransportersOntogeny of Oral AbsorptionSampled GIT TissueReference
HumanPEPT1PEPT1 mRNA levels marginally lower  compared with older children (0.8×)SIMooij et al. (2016)
RatPEPT1PEPT1 protein and mRNA increase to  elevated levels in immediate  postnatal period then decrease to  adult levelSI and colonMiyamoto et al. (1996); Shen et al.  (2001); Hussain et al. (2002)
DogNo transporter studies available;  amino acid absorption studies  are availableAA absorption is high at birth and  decreases with PN ageSI and colonBuddington and Malo (2003)
Pig (Yucatan, Tibetan, LandraceXYorkshire; Huangjiang)PEPT1; EAAC1AA absorption, mRNA, and protein  levels appear prenatally and peak in  PN period, then decline to adult  levelsSI and colonBuddington and Malo (1996); Zhang  et al. (1997); Buddington et al. (2001);  (2012); Fu et al. (2013); Nosworthy et al.  (2013); Wang et al. (2013)
  • AA, amino acid; EAAC1, excitatory amino acid carrier 1; PN, postnatal; SI, small intestine.