Pharmacokinetic parameters of total radioactivity, TAK-448, and M-I in the plasma of rats after coadministration of [14C]TAK-448 and protease inhibitor cocktail

Parameters for total radioactivity are calculated from the mean plasma concentrations for three animals. Parameters for TAK-448 and M-I are calculated from the concentrations for the pooled samples from three animals. Numbers in parentheses denote percentage of total radioactivity. Data are taken from Fig. 4.

Dosing RouteDoseComponentCmaxaTmaxt1/2AUCb
Subcutaneous1Total radioactivity0.7101.00.91.914 (100.0)
TAK-4480.3341.01.00.832 (43.5)
M-I0.2841.00.90.737 (38.5)
Subcutaneous10Total radioactivity4.7391.01.419.103 (100.0)
TAK-4481.5942.01.65.562 (29.1)
M-I2.9221.01.610.524 (55.1)
Intravenous1Total radioactivity1.9710.62.251 (100.0)
TAK-4481.6490.51.615 (71.7)
M-I0.1520.50.90.268 (11.9)
  • Tmax, time to reach Cmax.

  • a Cmax of total radioactivity and TAK-448 after intravenous administration denotes the concentration at 5 minutes after administration.

  • b 0-24h