A comparison of Vmax and Km values determined using MMHHs from this study with those determined in the cryopreserved human hepatocytes and HLMs

The Vmax and Km values and the calculated ratio of the values for MMHH to that for hepatocytes and human liver microsomes are shown. Vmax values are in pmol/min per million cells for MMHH and hepatocytes; Km values are in ยตM.

P450 IsoformsMarker ReactionMMHHHepatocytesHLMReference for HepatocytesReference for Human Liver MicrosomesMMHH/Hepatocyte RatioMMHH/HLM Ratio
CYP1A2Phenacetin deethylation8011NANA112.7NALi et al. (2015)NANA0.10
CYP2A6Coumarin hydroxylation1122NANA1.9NAHosono et al. (2017)NANA1.05
CYP2B6Bupropion hydroxylation136672141130Li and Schlicht (2014)Faucette et al. (2000)
CYP2C8Amodiaquine deethylation5171334101Li and Schlicht (2014)Li et al. (2015)
CYP2C9Diclofenac hydroxylation32732290722.4Brown et al. (2007)Siu and Lai (2017)
CYP2C19Mephenytoin hydroxylation5045161356.8Brown et al. (2007)Siu and Lai (2017)
CYP2D6Dextromethorphan demethylation3725012.9Brown et al. (2007)Li et al. (2015)
CYP2E1Chlorzoxazone hydroxylation462465NANA149.8NALi et al. (2015)NANA3.10
CYP3A4Midazolam hydroxylation21542048.4Li and Schlicht (2014)Siu and Lai (2017)
CYP3A4Testosterone hydroxylation5927018002410.2Brown et al. (2007)Siu and Lai (2017)
  • NA, not Available.