Glossary of the terms used in model equations

X1, X2Amount of drug in central and peripheral compartmentsnmol
C1, C2Concentration of drug in central and peripheral compartmentsnM
C3Concentration of drug in tumor interstitiumnM
C4Concentration of cell surface drug-antigen complexnM
V1, V2Volume of the central, peripheral compartmentl
CtumorTumor concentration of the drugnM
CLDDistribution clearancel/h
CLSystemic clearancel/h
TVTumor volumemm3
RcapRadius of tumor blood capillaryµm
RkAverage distance between two capillariesµm
RtTumor radiusCm
Embedded ImageVoid fractionUnitless
DDiffusion coefficientcm2/h
konAssociation rate between drugs and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)1/nM per hour
KDDissociation constant between drugs and HER2pM
koffDissociation rate between drugs and HER21/h
kintInternalization rate of the drug-antigen complex1/h
Embedded ImageTotal HER2 concentration on N87 cellsnM
Embedded ImageTotal HER2 concentration on MDA-MB-468 cellsnM