Summary of Pearson correlation results for in vivo clearance (Cl), percentage remaining in hepatocyte media, HIC retention time, and FcRn binding at pH 7.4 or 5.5

x-Axis Datay-Axis DataPearson rNP ValueSignificant
HIC RTIn vivo Cl0.8005120.0018Yes
Percentage remaining in mediaIn vivo Cl−0.5525150.0327Yes
HIC RTPercent remaining in media−0.7185150.0085Yes
FcRn (pH 7.4)In vivo Cl0.910770.0044Yes
FcRn (pH 5.5)In vivo Cl0.808870.0276Yes
FcRn (pH 7.4)HIC RT0.714460.1129No
FcRn (pH 5.5)HIC RT0.844960.0342Yes
FcRn (pH 7.4)Percent remaining in media−0.945570.0013Yes
FcRn (pH 5.5)Percent remaining in media−0.390270.3868No
  • RT, retention time.