Summary of IC50 values of abacavir, entecavir, and zidovudine for inhibition of [3H]uridine uptake

A single component IC50 equation was used to generate values for total uptake and ENT2-mediated uptake (+100 nM NBMPR), and the ENT1 component was generated by subtracting the ENT2-mediated component from total uptake. An unpaired t test was used to determine statistical significance. All values are reported as mean ± S.D. of six replicate values (n = 3).

NRTIIC50 (ENT1) (mM)IC50 (ENT2) (mM)
Abacavir0.11 ± 0.02*0.22 ± 0.01*
Entecavir3.05 ± 1.562.07 ± 0.29
Zidovudine2.54 ± 0.26*1.64 ± 0.36*