Summary of pharmacokinetic parameter estimates of LY3202626 in plasma and total radioactivity in plasma and whole blood after oral administration of a single 10-mg dose of [14C]LY3202626

Concentrations of total radioactivity in whole blood were not quantifiable for a sufficient duration to reliably determine AUC(0–∞). Instead, partial AUCs up to the last common quantifiable time point for all subjects in plasma and whole blood, AUC(0–48), and AUC(0–10), respectively, were used for calculation of ratios of plasma LY3202626 relative to plasma total radioactivity and ratios of whole blood to plasma total radioactivity.

PK ParametersGeometric Mean (CV%)
Plasma LY3202626 (N = 6)Plasma Total Radioactivitya (N = 6)Whole Blood Total Radioactivitya (N = 6)
AUC(0–tlast) (ng·h/ml)294 (48)814 (31)210 (60)
AUC(0–∞) (ng·h/ml)298 (47)1120 (27)NC
%AUC(tlast–∞)1.19 (48)27.0 (19)NC
AUC(0–10) (ng·h/ml)70.0 (36)207 (14)146 (17)
AUC(0–48) (ng·h/ml)227 (37)711 (15)NC
Cmax (ng/ml)10.7 (32)25.2 (16)21.0 (18)
tmaxbb (h)4.00 (2.00–10.00)3.50 (2.00–5.00)4.00 (2.00–4.05)
t1/2c (h)24.5 (17.0–52.2)32.5 (25.1–45.4)NC
CL/F (l/h)33.6 (47)NANA
Vz/F (l)1190 (19)NANA
Vss/F (l)1140 (28)NANA
  • a Data presented as nanograms equivalents per gram, as applicable.

  • b Median (range).

  • c Geometric mean (range).