Mass additions to CYP2A6 apoprotein from deconvoluted spectra of samples incubated with MCA, CA, and 8-MOP (N = 6 for all conditions)

Incubation ConditionsTheoretical Mass (Da)Measured Mass (Da)95% CIPeak Area Ratio Adducted 2A6/2A6a95% Cl
MCA + NADPH162.19156.79142.54–171.040.24b0.15–0.32
MCA − NADPH162.19151.66136.88–166.440.13−0.001 to 0.14
CA + NADPH132.16132.67123.37–141.980.26b0.14–0.37
CA − NADPH132.16127.61118.56–136.650.130.07–0.18
8-MOP + NADPH216.19 232.19247.97235.70–260.240.590.42–0.75
  • a Peak area(CYP2A6 mass + inhibitor mass)/peak area(CYP2A6 mass).

  • b P = 0.003 (MCA); P = 0.025 (CA); comparison with CYP2A6 with inhibitor minus NADPH.

  • c N/A indicates 'not applicable' as a deconvoluted peak corresponding to covalently modified CYP2A6 was not observed in these samples.