Data in the NaPDI Center repository are FAIR

FindabilityEach data set receives a unique identifier.
Study and experiment metadata are published using a machine-readable format. The update frequency of the data is available for each study and experiment.
AccessibilityFull data sets are downloadable.
Data are accessible in a variety of formats and can be retrieved using a REST-full API.
The repository uses HTTP content negotiation to serve data requests.
The repository search capabilities support simple search and advanced faceted search.
InteroperabilityData sets use data elements from existing ontologies and terminologies as much as possible.
NMR and MS results are reported following accepted standards.
ReusabilityStandard operating procedures are publicly available.
Experiments are described in clear detail.
Study and experiment metadata provide clear licensing requirements.
Repository users can provide feedback and ask questions.
Raw spectral data are available using an open file format.
  • API, application programming interface; HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol; MS, mass spectrometry; NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance; REST, representational state transfer.