NQO1 activity measurements with DCPIP as substrate

NQO1 activities were determined at 25°C using 5 µg liver cytosol protein and a single concentration of DCPIP substrate (40 µM).

Age, sex of rat100 mg/kg sodium acetate100 mg/kg sodium DCA
nmol/min per milligramnmol/min per milligram
Young female394 ± 771066 ± 586
Young male323 ± 128792 ± 207**
Adult female522 ± 295812 ± 274
  • The data are expressed as the means ± S.D.s of duplicate determinations from four (young) to eight independent experiments (adults). Asterisks denote statistical significance when compared with activity in acetate-treated controls: **P = 0.0080 (two-tailed Student’s t test). The difference in activity between young female treatment groups was not significant (P = 0.0633).