Comparing MPPGL-based scaling factors for mild, moderate, and severe cirrhosis relative to control from the current study with empirical scaling methodology

PopulationScalar from the Current Study (MPPGL_Population × Total Liver Volume_Populationa) Relative to Healthy PopulationEmpirical Scalar (Healthy MPPGL × Functional Liver Volume_population) Relative to Healthy Population
Johnson et al., 2010Simcyp V18 and V19bSimcyp V20b
Cirrhosis Child-Pugh A0.740.810.890.86
Cirrhosis Child-Pugh B0.770.650.710.71
Cirrhosis Child-Pugh C0.570.530.610.59
  • a From Ozaki et al. (2016).

  • b Unpublished meta-analyses of literature functional liver volume data from imaging techniques (Lin et al., 1998; Zhu et al., 1999; Li et al., 2003; Shan et al., 2005; Reddy et al., 2018) via personal communication with Trevor Johnson, Simcyp, Sheffield, UK.