Measures of alfentanil model predictive performance in healthy and cirrhosis populations using three in vitro to in vivo clearance scaling methods after a single bolus dose of 0.05 mg⋅kg−1 i.v.

A, B, and C refer to a mixed population with different Child-Pugh scores.

Population (Method of Scaling)AUC_pred (ng⋅h/ml)AUC_obs (ng⋅h/ml)aModel Predictability of Disease Impact AUCR_pred/AUCR_obs
Cirrhosis A, B, and C (CS)4995210.87
Cirrhosis A, B, and C (CS + SA)5455210.95
Cirrhosis A, B, and C (EFLV)5865211.02
  • a The observed values were derived from Ferrier et al. (1985).

  • b Not applicable