OATP1B1/2B1/1B3- and NTCP-mediated CLint,uptake,cells of [3H]RSV based on their total or PMA in the transporter-expressing cells

Transporter (Cells)Transporter-Mediated CLint,uptake,cells of RSV (µl/min per Milligram Cellular Protein)aTotal Transporter Abundance (pmol/mg Cellular Protein) in CellsbTransporter-Mediated RSV CLint,uptake,cells (µl/min per Picomole Total Transporter Protein)PMA of Transporter (% Total)cTransporter-Mediated RSV CLint,uptake,cells (µl/min per Picomole PM Transporter Protein)
OATP1B1 (CHO cells)40.17.535.3279.7 ± 4.7d6.68
OATP1B3 (HEK293 cells) ± 1.6d7.27
OATP2B1 (MDCKII cells)1.20.951.2237.1 ± 15.7d3.29
NTCP (HEK293 cells)34.83.2910.5877.413.65
  • a Data from a single experiment mean of triplicate determinations (except NTCP, avg. of duplicate determinations). The CLint,uptake,OATP1B1 of RSV obtained in OATP1B1-expressing CHO cells was confirmed with CLint,uptake,OATP1B1 of RSV in OATP1B1-expressing HEK293 cells.

  • b Data are mean of duplicate determinations from a single experiment.

  • c Data shown are mean of triplicates or mean ± S.D. of three independent experiments (except NTCP, which is mean of two independent determinations).

  • d From Kumar et al. (2017).