Descriptions and cumulative percentages of dose recovered in each pooled biologic matrix for maribavir and its metabolites after a single intravenous bolus administration to intact (group 1) or BDC (group 2) cynomolgus monkeys.

MetaboliteDescriptionPercentage of Dose Administered to Group 1Percentage of Dose Administered to Group 2
(0–144 h)
(0–168 h)a
(0–48 h)
(0–48 h)
(0–24 h)
M15Loss of chlorine + cysteine conjugateNDNDNDND1.42
M1Glucuronide conjugate to M42.16ND1.19NDND
M7Glucuronide conjugate to M42.62ND1.14ND3.77
M16Glucuronide conjugate to M40.297NDNDND0.992
M17bGlucuronide conjugate to M40–1.85ND0–0.596ND0–1.83
M2bLoss of ribose + glucuronide0–1.85ND0–0.5960.02820–1.83
M10Glucuronide conjugate to parent0.402NDNDNDND
M4Loss of propyl2.08.80–9.340.6780.511ND
M5Oxidation on propylND0.416–0.4330.0457NDND
M11Glucuronide conjugate to parent1.2ND0.334ND34.2
M12Glucuronide conjugate to parent2.01ND0.551ND38.6
  • ND, not detected or below the limit of quantitation (1% of run and 10 cpm peak height).

  • aThe lower dose percentage value was based on pooled fecal samples from all three animals from 0 to 120 hours. Only one animal generated feces from 120 to 168 hours; the upper value reflected the addition of dose percentage from this single animal after 120 hours to the group’s pre–120-hour value.

  • bWhen M17 and M2 are both present in the same matrix, they are indistinguishable in the radio and ion chromatogram as a single peak. Dose percentage values derived from this combined peak were therefore reported.